Bebird camera ear cleaner APP for Bebird Note 3 Pro (Bebird N3 Pro), R3, C3, A2, M9 Pro, X17 Pro, A2 SE, C3 Pro, B2 Pro, K10, R1. Bebird ear-picking software needs WiFi, which connects ear-picking devices through mobile phones or tablet. It can realize visual ear-picking and make ear-picking simpler and safer. It also realizes the video recording function, and can record and save the process to the mobile phone storage at will.

  How it works

1. When the mobile phone wifi is connected with the otoscope device, the real-time picture of the lens can be displayed on the mobile device, which can be conveniently used in various industries.

2. At the same time, when you preview the real-time screen, you can take photos and video to save the screen or video, and compared with the previous save, it is quite convenient.


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