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Best Camera Ear Cleaner Comparisons: Note 3 Pro VS T15 

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

Bebird Note 3 Pro and T15 camera ear cleaner are among the best-selling products on the Earokay. Some people who are concerned about personal health and are ready to buy a smart ear cleaning kit must want to know the difference between the two. Today we will compare them from different angles.

Bebird Note 3 Pro Ear Camera Cleaner

  • Digable and visible, all in onedual purpose.
  • 10 million HD endoscope, 75 degree field of view, 12-30mm lens depth of field, 15mm lens focal length. Six-axis smart directional gyroscope - accurate ear control direction.
  • 5 cold light LED lights, comfortable and not harmful to the eyes.
  • 3 kinds of ear spoons, 4 kinds of colors, separate for the whole family, clean and hygienic.
  • The world's original silicone + PC material Q ear spoon. 4-color food-grade silicone ear spoons with base accessories storage box, easy to store and easy to use.
  • TYPE-C interface, reduce complicated wire entanglement.
  • Magnetic charging base, fixed storage three-in-one, fast charging with positive plug, reverse plug and place the ear stick. Built-in 300mAh high-capacity lithium battery + magnetic charging base for long battery life.
  • NCC certification: CCAM21LP0910T0.
  • Intelligent temperature control to avoid overheating and burning the ear canal.

Bebird T15  Acne Squeeze Ear Wax Removal

  • Subversive visual ear picking, ear picking + magic acne squeezing function.
  • Visualization of black ear technology, 5 million high-precision endoscopic CMOS sensors.
  • The lens is waterproof, dustproof and anti-fog, easy to clean, and supports wet ear picking.
  • Six-axis gyroscope, free vertical and horizontal, no matter how high or low, it can make you look right.
  • High-end WIFI chip, long-distance signal enhancement, ear-picking within 5 meters.
  • High-definition ear canal endoscope, cold light LED shadowless lamp, the magnification far exceeds the luminous ear spoon.
  • The shell is made of sandblasted material, leaving no fingerprints, always maintaining a sense of luxury.
  • Constant temperature intelligent temperature control, gentle care, anti-low temperature ear burning.
  • Hall switch, light luxury craft lens and signal light.
  • Long-lasting battery life, 300mAh large capacity, 60 days of charging, free ear picking.

Bebird ear cleaner: Note 3 Pro VS T15


Bebird Note 3 Pro has a non-slip design at the barrel of the pen, so it won't be smooth and fall off during processing. And the Bebird T15 is a frosted case, which will look more stylish and premium.


The Bebird Note 3 Pro's endoscope is 1000w HD pixels, while the Bebird T15's is only 500w HD pixels. Although both use CMOS sensors, you can still see the difference between the two in terms of images.

2 in 1 function

Bebird Note 3 Pro - Silicone ear spoon + visual mechanical tweezers.

T15 - Silicone ear spoon + pimple squeezing tool.

Storage case

Note 3 Pro has a magnetic charging base, which can be charged or stored also can store electricity.

T15 cap has a space for additional accessories.


From the price point of view, Bebird Note 3 Pro will indeed be more expensive than T15, but from the functional point of view, Note 3 Pro is more practical, but T15 can squeeze the acne function and can meet the pursuit of skin management people. Of course, we need to choose the right product for our needs, more products can browse our official website - Earokay.





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