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Bebird Camera Ear Cleaner Comparisons: X17 Pro VS M9 Pro

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

Bebird is is the leading brand in the smart camera ear cleaner is professional and has never stopped advancing in this field. Each design advancement only conforms more to the contours of the human ear canal and is always guaranteed in terms of quality.

Today we will compare Bebird X17 Pro and M9 Pro, so you can clearly see the progress of the product.

Bebird M9 Pro

Bebird X17 Pro


3 mega-pixel

5 mega-pixel

Field angle



Lens diameter



Optimum focal length

1.5 ~ 2cm

1.5 ~ 2cm

Gravity Sensor

4 axis intelligent gyroscope

6 axis intelligent gyroscope

Battery capacity

350mAh lithium battery

350mAh lithium battery

Battery life

About 90 minutes

About 90 minutes

Charging time

About 1.5h

About 1.5h


Contact charging

Contact charging

Environment temperature

-10 ~ 50℃

-10 ~ 50℃

Rod weright




As you can see, the data detail is approachable, but X17 Pro has made a lot of upgrades in performance design.

According to customer feedback, the ear scoops of the M9 have a loose feeling, but the X17 Pro solves this problem by adding a buckle. Now install the ear scoops first, then insert the buckle and tighten. Fasten the buckle while using the ear scoops for a more secure and reassuring feel.


There is a non-detachable charging cable on the M9 Pro charging base, but the X17 Pro, the charging base cable can be removed, the appearance is more simple, and it is easy to carry.

Both the M9Pro and X17Pro have 6 LEDs, but the X17Pro has a pixel upgrade compared to the Bebird M9 Pro, which is now 5 MP instead of 3 MP. The gyroscope has also been increased from 4 to 6 axis.

Comparing the camera pictures of the two can even see more difference.

All in all, the X17 Pro is a certain improvement over the M9 Pro. Of course, if you want better performance, can be found on Earokay.




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