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Do ear irrigation kit is better than cotton swabs?

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

 When we got too much earwax or hardened earwax can cause a blockage in the ear, resulting in earaches, ringing in the ears, or temporary hearing loss. We will go to the clinic and ask the doctor for help. They usually use otoscope to check your ear, and your doctor will perform the irrigation in their office using a syringe-like tool. This tool will be used to insert water or a water and saline mixture into the ear to flush out the wax. It’s absolutely safer and better than using cotton swabs.

Ear irrigation also commonly use at home. The most common method is to use a dropper to insert baby oil, mineral oil, or specialized medication into the ear to soften the wax. The process is as follows:

  1. Put several drops in your ear 2~3 times daily over a period of a few days.
  2. After the wax has softened, rinse the wax using a syringe filled with water (room temperature or slightly warm) or a mixture of water and saline.

The Risk of Using Ear Irrigation

If your eardrums are damaged or your immune system is low, do not do ear irrigation. In particular, people who have an infection in the ear canal should also not have ear irrigation. While ear irrigation is a relatively common and safe method, there are certain risks:

Ear canal discomfort or pain

Temporary dizziness

Perforated eardrum

Temporary or permanent deafness

Ear infection

These are all possible complications and side effects after ear irrigation. If you experience pain or discomfort, make an appointment to see your doctor immediately in case of perforated eardrum or other ear damage.

Ear irrigation kit alternative tool - Smart visual ear cleaner by Earokay

The latest smart ear cleaning tool wit camera which is an alternative device to replace ear irrigation kit.

Why should use Ear Cleaning Kit with Camera?

The new revolution of the ear cleasing, smart switch control of the phone or tablet, easy to clip out the earwax, rounded coner design to prevent ear canal abrasion. Top-level configuration with-10 Million Pixels HD Camera with LED lights, ear cleaning process can be clearly visible, 6-axis directional gyroscope , 360-degree accurate ear cleaning, which provide all angles of the stable HD video images. New WiFi chip reform, transmit real-time and fluid screen. You can use it to check you mouth, skin or nose.


Bebird is suitable for kids above 3 years of age. The otoscope has a non-inductive temperature and soft silicone ear spoon. it's smart, safe and simple.


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