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Let me tell you the best Viral Tiktok Gift -Virtual Ear Camera Cleaner

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Have you seen videos on TikTok about cleaning earwax? The hashtag # earwax has collected thousands of videos. You can see they use all kinds of ear cleaning tools: cotton swabs, stainless steel ear pick, Q-grips, ear washer bottle for irrigation. But Doctor will suggest you should never put anything in his ear that was smaller than his elbow. Many tools only push your ear wax deeper, there's no way for the wax to get swept out of the ear.

But now Earokay is coming to get your ear cleaning more easier and safer. The latest smart visual ear cleaner got 52.4M attention in Tiktok.Let me tell you the best Viral Tiktok Gift -Virtual Ear Camera Cleaner.

It looks like a little pen-sized tool with a camera and light that allows you to see and scrape your ear wax. Ear spoon is using silica gel so that soft touch can prevent irritation and reduce ear damage. And Earokay Bebird got a humanized design: Temperature Control System. It will keep the temperature stay close to your body temperature so it wouldn’t cause any discomfort. With this smart device, you can easily clean ear wax on your own or do medicare care at home.

Let us introduce to you the safest way to clean your ears

Earokay Bebird Note 3 Pro ear camera cleaner tool only $99.99

The revolution of the new mechanical tweezers, smart switch control, easy to clip out the earwax, rounded corner design to prevent ear canal abrasion. Top-level configuration with-10 Million Pixels HD Camera with 5 cold LED lights. 6-axis directional gyroscope, 360° accurate ear cleaning, which provide all angles of the stable HD video images.

Earokay Bebird T15 ear camera cleaner tool only $45.99

New fashion gadgets that young people want to own. The original metal acne squeezing needle, ear picking, and squeezing dual function. 1080P(5.0MP) HD camera ear cleaner, with 6 LED lights the ear inspection area and capture more realistic images or recorded stunning videos, visible physical squeeze, show your skin in real-time, easy to control your force, cleaning blackhead, comedones, and acne more easily and visually.

Earokay Bebird R3 ear camera cleaner tool only $37.99

All-In-One design wireless camera ear cleaner, the basic model. It can provide stable and smooth image transmission, and maintain stable and accurate video orientation.You can use it to check teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots and other body parts anytime anywhere.

Earokay Bebird Replacement Tips For R3/T15 Ear Cleaner

Scoop is made of safe, non-toxic, soft, and flexible silicone. You can replace the tips, depending on your need, and secure them on the device with the locking nut – which is actually another great feature. This design will be more safer that the tips will not stay inside the ear.


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