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Do You Know Black Ear Wax?

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

Under normal circumstances, earwax is mainly composed of a mixture of oily and watery substances secreted by the cerumen glands, dead skin shed from the inner ear and dust from the external environment, but if the earwax turns black, it is very likely It is caused by external dust, but it may also be caused by ear diseases, so you should go to the hospital for inspection!

What cause black earwax?

  • Inflammation of the ear

    If a person's ear is inflamed, the ear will be narrowed, and the earwax cannot be discharged. If the earwax is not removed at this time, it is possible that the earwax will accumulate in the external ear canal for a long time, and the earwax may become black for a long time.

    • Cerumen embolism

      Because some people are older, their metabolism is not as good as when they were younger, and there may be excess earwax and large lumps. This lump can turn black and block the ear, affecting hearing, causing deafness and causing symptoms such as ringing in the ears, dizziness, and pain.

      • The influence of external dust

        The normal color of earwax should be yellow, if it turns black, it may also be caused by the influence of external dust. If it happens to be in a place with serious environmental pollution, it can be considered to be caused by external environmental factors.

        The Safe & Easy Way To Remove Black Earwax

        Actually we should clean ear wax timed,no matter it was yellow, brown or black. But if you got some black ear wax, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. If there is too much earwax and a large lump forms, it is a cerumen embolism. Because this embolism blocks the ear canal, it can affect hearing and even cause deafness. The embolism cerumen irritates the tympanic membrane, causing tinnitus, dizziness and pain.

        We suggested you use these tool to clean your ear:

        Washer bottle is noraml tool in hospital. It directs water into the ear canal wall without damaging the eardrum. It's safe and usaful. But you should ask for others' help and the water will spill easily.

        • Smart visual ear cleaning kit

        Newest invention of the 21st century - Earokay Smart ear wax removal with 1080p HD camera. You only need to connect phone to see the ear canal with a high-definition camera. The otoscope has a non-inductive temperature and soft silicone ear spoon. For people who want to clean ears themselves, it's smart, safe and simple.


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