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Contrast For Ear Cleaner Tool: Bebird VS Axel Glade Spade

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

Have you even seen ear wax remove video on TikTok or YouTube. Is it make you feel disgusting or oodlysatisfying? And you must already knew this ear cleaner tool that use much times in video, it looks like a little pen-sized tool with camera and light that allows you to see and scrape your ear wax. With this smart device, you can easily clean ear wax on your own or do medicare care at home.

Today we will compared two smart visual ear cleaning kit brand, Bebird and Axel Glade. They are currently the best-selling products and the most reviews products online.

Bebird VS Axel Glade


10 million & 360° wide-angle lens
5 Mega HD
10 million &
 5-10 Mega HD
3 million
Camera Resolution
Focal Distance
LED Light
Battery Capacity
IOS & Android Phone/Tablet
3-6 Axis
12 Pieces,Spoon tweezers & Rod set
7 Pieces,(Acne Squeezing)
23 Pieces
2 Pieces
Storage Base
temperature control system

Key Features


They all look like pens, and they seem to be made mainly of steel and aluminum. It is sleek, simple, compact, and easy to carry. You can be said that this design is very advanced and interesting. According to online reviews, Sapde’s material is too slippery and cause you to lose grip. But Bebird prevent this situation. Although its shell is also smooth, it has a line design with frictional force added to the hand-held part, which greatly reduces the possibility of slipping and slipping.

1080P HD Camera

Bebird is a professional otoscope with an impressive 6 megapixel camera, which is great because you can see even the smallest details inside your ears. And provide you with 360-degree angle recognition, so you can clean with precision and prevent accidental puncture of the eardrum.

The Bebird's camera is also impressive, with a resolution of no less than 1080P and 5 megapixels, which means sharper images. Its camera specs are higher than the Axel Glade Spade, which only has a 3-megapixel camera. It also has the thinnest lens at 30mm in diameter. It's smaller than a spatula, so it's better for different sized ear canals.

Magnetic Charging Base

Storage base allows you to arrange and keep everything neat and in order. 

Bebird all styles with a magnetic charging base that also acts as a storage area for the ear scoop accessories. But Sapde only regular models will provide storage base.

Temperature Control

It's new tech for the ear cleaner tool - Temperature Control System. when you use it, it will keep the temperature stay close to your body temperature so it wouldn’t cause any discomfort. Bebird and Spade all get this new tech, seem so humanize.

Ear cleaner Kit

Aside from the spoon, Bebird and Spade comes with many different Ear Scoop Set Kit, which allows you to clean your ears in various ways. You can replace the tips, depending on your need, and secure them on the device with the locking nut – which is actually another great feature. This gives more security and reassurance that the tips won’t get unattached and left inside your ear.


In total, you’ll get 12 attachments from bebird Note 3 Pro, each one guaranteed durable and made for several uses and bebird will be designed according to the structure of the human ear and continuously improved by combing through customer feedback, such as D3 Pro's snake-shaped endoscope, which can truly fit the ear canal. No matter how narrow the ear canal is, it can be flexibly inserted into the ear without hurting the ear. But Sapde offer more, about  23 attachments. But personally, we think that accessories should pay more attention to the experience and frequency of use instead of the quantity.



According to experts, you do not need to remove earwax from your ears because there is a natural cleaning system inside. But for people with too much earwax, pay attention to personal hygiene and remove earwax. So it is very convenient to have a smart ear washing tool.

If you want to buy a smart ear scoop that suits you, you can analyze the product's Streaming quality, Size, Connectivity, and Lighting. (How to choose best ear cleaning tool?

Bebird has a variety of styles, suitable for people of all ages and needs. Whether you want to clean earwax or clean the skin, it can be satisfied. There are only two types of Spade, and the choice will be smaller. And Bebird is more cost-effective than similar products - Axel Glade Spade.


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