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Earokay Bebird T15 Ear Wax Removal Videos& Squeeze Acne Tool 2 IN 1

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

Bebird T15 Smart EarWax Tool With Camera

The First Blackhead/ Acne/ Comedo/Earwax Removal

New mode coming again 😍

 Add another special function: Check the skin to clean acne, blackheads, comedones and many other types of acne. Ear blackhead removal videos


    Feature Of Product :

    •                   Camera Pixel : 500W
    •                   Camera Level : 3P* Waterproof/Anti-dust/Anti-fog
    •                   Depth of focus : 10-50mm
    •                   Focal length : 14.5mm
    •                   Lens Inner Diameter : 3.5mm
    •                   Lens Tube Size : 4.1*33mm
    •                   Lens Tube Material : Aluminum alloy
    •                   Battery capacity : 300mAh
    •                  Operating time : 75min
    •                  Gyroscope : 6 axis intelligent gyroscope
    •                  Device material : PC+pearl finish+UV
    •                  Device size : 155*14mm
    •                  Device weight : 23g

    Click here to see more earwax removal videos 🎥


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