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Bebird D3 Pro Ear Cleaner - Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunded $1,083,392

by AlonLuciano on 0 Comments

Xiaomi Youpin's new launch, Bebird D3 Pro ear cleaner kit tool get $1,083,392 crowdfunding in 10 days, supported by more than 30,000 people, eventually ended with a 691% achievement rate!!!


What makes it so attractive?

Because when parents have encountered small bends in the ear canal of children, use some unsafe tool is easy to hurt children's soft ears.

So new upgraded Bebird D3 Pro Smart Visual Ear Cleaner A tool that allows children to stop resisting cleaning their ears.

👉Bebird D3 Pro Smart Ear Cleaner

| Super cute giraffe shape🦒|


Focus on safety and comfortable, but more novel and funny.

Looks like childlike giraffe shape, artistic cute pet modeling, let children fall in love at first sight


Provide children with a safer, more comfortable and interesting experience.No longer fear to clean their ears.

The 800W professional HD endoscope with 10-50mm lens depth can clearly capture the scene inside the ear canal. 73°field of view, the blind spot inside the ear is clearly visible.


IP65 Camera Waterproof, using a variety of waterproof technology, effectively enhance the waterproof performance.

Adopting senseless temperature of 25 ℃, simulating the natural temperature of children's ears, will not make the ears over-sensitive.

360°serpentine endoscope can be bent freely to fit the curvature of the child's ear canal.

The drop-shaped lens design can truly fit the ear canal. No matter the narrow ear canal, it can be flexibly inserted into the ear without hurting the ear.Challenge all kinds of stubborn earwax, no matter if it is small ears, narrow ears or curved ear canals!

Food contact grade purified silicone, has obtained the U.S. FDA approval.

Accessory storage box have variety of accessories to solve various ear wax problems. Simple and convenient, the child safety lock can be installed by rotating the tail to prevent children from accidentally eating the accessory.

Not just a tool, but an amazing toy! HD microscopic lens, can act as a magnifying glass for children! 230mAh high-capacity battery, long-lasting life. Eye Protection LED Light, guarding eyesight.


Bebird make cleaning ears easier and safer. With Bebird, the story becomes simple and effective.


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