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How To Remove Earwax Safely And Effectively?

by AlonLuciano on 19 Comments

Ear care should be part of our regular personal hygiene. But doctors suggest we shouldn’t clean ears with Q-tips. According to the doctors, it pushes the ear wax further into the ear and can damage the eardrum. 

As we value our hearing, we avoid doing this. However earwax build up, so we need to be careful about our ear hygiene.


So how to remove earwax safely and effectively? If you want to take care of your ears on your own, you’ll need the right tools.👉The Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner is the answer.

Today we will show the Bebird® R3 Ear Cleaner. This high-tech ear cleaner allows you to see inside your ears, reducing the risk of injury and allowing you to clean your ears better than before.


An HD camera helps you see inside your ear

Tired of having to clean your ears but not being able to see inside them. Even sometimes you will damage your eardrum. Stop doing that and clean with your eyes. The Bebird R3 Smart Ear Cleaner is equipped with a 1080p HD camera that provides you with a real-time image of your ear canal. It helps you find the areas that need to be cleaned to avoid eardrums. All you have to do is connect the cleaner with the app via Bluetooth on your smartphone. The connection is instant and you can see the inside of your ear on your phone.

Soft ear spoons aid wax removal

Do metal medical devices make you shiver? You are not alone. That's why the makers of this smart ear cleaner have chosen polycarbonate and silicone for their ear scoop. The highest grade of silicon available on the market is used to make the tool very soft against the ear and less prone to damage. The cleaner also comes with a protective plug that can be adjusted to fit your ears. The 360° angle recognition allows you to clean your ears from any direction, and the smart gyroscope ensures that the rod does not go too deep into the ear.

The temperature control and fast charging are convenient

Unlike ear candles, the Bebird R3 operates at a temperature close to body temperature. This prevents damage to the ear canal and serious burns. Isn't that counterproductive for ear cleaning? What's more, this smart ear cleaner has a long battery life and is easy to charge. 

Clean your kids’ ears

Children don't like to have their ears cleaned, but this smart ear cleaner could change their minds: the Bebird R3 is comfortable to use and is ideal for children aged 3 and up. The device is soft and won't scare them. Best of all, children may even look forward to cleaning while watching it on their smartphone. This is like a mirror that the paediatric dentist gives to the child during the teeth cleaning process.

Don’t worry about slow App performance

This smart ear cleaner features a super-fast WiFi chip. So it will have a very smooth transition. In fact, it provides the highest speed for a camera app to function. This means you won’t have to worry about moving the instrument faster than the App can run.


Buy Once, Use Forever 

We believe everyone should get value for money, so the Bebird comes with a reusable and replaceable silicone ear scoop, meaning that once purchased, you will never have to buy another Bebird.


It's time to start clearing your ear safely & effectively with Ear Camera Cleaner


  • by Dawn Mielke on

    Good idea. The upcoming generation needs items like these.

  • by Donna Evans on

    Looks a lot better than the q tips I use.

  • by Scott Brunskill on so much better than the old cotton buds

  • by Maksum Raza Mim on

    it is cool

  • by Ivelisse on

    This looks so much easier and effective than using a Q-tip

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