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The ear things you should know

by AlonLuciano on 0 Comments

You must be aware of Ear wax. But do you know foods will cause Ear Wax build-up? What foods will cause Ear wax build-up?

There are many reasons for earwax formation. Unhealthy eating habits are an important reason. Today we will introduce what food will cause earwax build-up. We eat this food often but don’t know the harm it causes to our ears.

These daliy food that cause ear wax build up👇


Gluten is a favorite ingredient used by packaged food manufacturers. Gluten is used in many food items. But if we eat too much gluten in grains will impact earwax build-up. Packaged breakfast meals and snacks come with gluten in them. Meat substitutes also contain gluten, and savory snacks contain even more gluten.


Milk and dairy foods might also cause earwax build-up. Large amounts of milk and dairy products can cause excess earwax. This is because dairy foods contain a lot of lactose. These are otherwise harmless to the human body, but some people notice a buildup of earwax after eating too much dairy-rich food. This isn't good news for those who have a problem with earwax buildup themselves.

Caffeine & Chocolate

Caffeine and caffeine-rich products can cause earwax. Such as coffee, coffee cake, cookies, and coffee-flavored chocolate. Chocolate is a favorite food for adults and children, and it is also one of the various snacks, party foods, and celebration foods. But for some people, a large intake of caffeine or cocoa can increase the accumulation of earwax.



If you have a tendency to excessive cerumen, follow a balance diet and limit the intake of these drinks or snacks to see if it can free you from ear wax build-up.
We strongly recommend that people clean their ears. Not only to protect their health and personal appearance but also to get rid of earwax buildup.

You can use Bebird smart ear cleaning tool to do all this.

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