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Bebird E3 SE crowdfunded in Japan , the support rate nearly 5000%!

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"Bebird R1" received more than 16,000,000 yen in support on Makuake, has evolved further and will be released as "Bebird E3 SE" on November 2, 2021!

The "Bebird E3 SE" ear cleaning tool was supported by 3,600 people, has evolved greatly by taking into account the needs of all customers. 


You might think, "Is it such a great ear cleaner?"

This time, we would like to introduce the Bebird E3 SE, which is a more powerful version of the Bebird R1.


Press and hold the power key for at least 1 minute to turn it on. The light on the tip will light up as a sign. Launch the dedicated app, connect to the bebird wifi, and you're good to go. The camera will show you the ear cleaning process.

This "new earworm experience" is something you have never experienced before. It's like you can see everything you've been groping for. You can see everything that was previously invisible and groping, as if you were holding it in your hands.

This lightweight body is equipped with a powerful 3.5mm 1080P HD ear camera. It also has a 3-axis camera gyroscope, so even if you rotate your earpick, the video will not rotate. You can watch clear videos with 3 megapixel image quality. The ultra-fine size of the camera makes it well suited to the ears of small children.

Where has it evolved?

  • This is a type of plastic also known as polyurethane resin, and is characterized by its greater elasticity and softness.We decided to change the material as a result of our efforts to make the ear buds gentler and easier to use. And we provide 4 kinds of ear scoop to satisfy different ear cannal.
  • In the previous R1, the ear buds were bare, and there were some things that needed to be reviewed in terms of cleanliness.The new "E3 SE" has a cap-type ear buds and is one step higher in terms of cleanliness and portability.
  • The ear spoon has been upgraded to a screw type that is more difficult to remove.This prevents accidental dislodging of the adapter in the middle of ear scraping.
  • Considerthe freedom and comfort of movement inside the ear canal. The smaller the size of the part that goes into the ear canal. The diameter of the lens was about 3.5mm


  • The new "E3 SE" more than doubles the operating time to 75 minutes.In addition, the charging method has evolved from microUSB to Type-C. Charging time and speed are increased, and it is fully charged in 1 hour.
  • Added special caps for observing the inside of the ears and observing the inside of the mouth


Passed the international certification. Bebird is sold in the world.


【Sales period】
November 2nd (Tuesday) 12:00 to December 3rd (Friday) 18:00

【Selling price】
3,940 yen (tax included) * Limited to the first 30 people / up to 41% OFF


And More Bebird Is Coming...

Please visit the official website for more information.

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