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Newly launched:Bebird P30S, Reaching 2125% of the target!

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Bebird P30S got funding successful in KICKSTARTER. As of October 28th, the target amount has been far exceeded, reaching 2125% of the target !!!

(Bebird D3 Pro Ear Cleaner - Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunded)

Introducing Bebird P30 S, the visual ear wax remover with a 10-million pixel, 3.5mm lens to connect to your smartphone, showing a real-time view of your inner ear. The real cool thing is, it has the ear wax remover, blackhead extractor and tongue depressors 3-in-1, making it truly one of a kind.          .


Make Ear Cleaning Safer, Easier And Smarter

Have you ever tried to remove ear wax with a cotton swab or curette and suddenly felt an unbearable discomfort? It may happen if you hit the eardrum accidentally. Because keeping your ears clean is so important for protecting our ears and hearing, we have done a lot of research and development in order to present a safer, easier and more convenient tool.

The Bebird P30S is equipped with a small camera on the end and can connect to your phone or tablet via WiFi, so you can see in real time when the earwax remover goes into your ear canal. Based on customer feedback, Bebird P30S has upgrade these parameters.

With its 10 million pixels, 3.5mm lens and shadow-free LED light, it is very easy to see what is happening inside, and you can also take clear photos and FHD 1080P video.

Maximum Comfort. Ease Of Use

For maximum comfort and ease of use, FDA-cleared food-grade soft silica gel spoons are used and 12 different sizes to suit different needs and are stored in a round base. This significantly reduces the potential damage caused by accidental impacts to the eardrum. The spiral head of the ear spoon and the advanced clasp of the spoon together ensure a tight fit so that it does not easily fall into the ear canal and is suitable for both oily and dry ears.

It also features a non-slip finish on the handle to ensure grip, so you won't lose your grip during cleaning. It is suitable for adults, children and pets. The Bebird P30S heats up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and stays at that constant temperature for excellent body comfort in all season.

Pen- Sived Versatiled Functions


The Bebird P30S is a sleek compact pen sized, with aluminum housing + anodizing process, which helps make the tool extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It is lightweight, robust and fits in almost everywhere.
With the 10-million pixel FHD micro camera located near the tip with 6 LEDs surrounded, when the tool is connected by Wi-Fi, footage is wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone / tablet, so you can see exactly where to clean inside the ear.

3 IN 1

Although the Bebird P30S is the size of a pen, it performs versatile functions. It can be used to check the oral cavity, nose and ear canal to find out what is going on before going to the doctor. In addition, it can be used as a tool to remove blackheads and acne, as well as a tongue depressor with interchangeable attachments.

Oral Examination

When you feel uncomfortable, you will see various phenomena, such as inflammation of the mucous membrane in contact with your teeth, decreased saliva production, and dryness. Developing the habit of observing the mouth regularly, you will be able to detect the disease early before the systemic symptoms appear. Especially now, with the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus, Bebird P30S may help you check your own or family’s oral cavity at any time.

Blachheads and Comedone Acne Extractor

The Bebird P30S is equipped with a high-resolution (10 megapixel) micro-camera that allows you to clearly see the dirt in your pores! Place the ring-shaped accessory over your skin to clean the dirt that has accumulated in your pores. With the Bebird P30S, you get smooth skin that is hygienic, safe and harmless, so you can treat your pores easily and effectively!

(Bebird® T15 Smart Visual Ear Cleaner/Squeeze Acne Tool with Camera)

Six-axis Smart Directional Gyroscope

Equipped with a six-axis smart directional gyroscope, it can provide stable and smooth image transmission even when rotating, and maintain stable and accurate video orientation. The P30S ushers in a new era of earwax removal. It is time to evolve beyond the traditional cotton swabs and make ear cleaning a satisfying experience.

IP67 Excellent Waterproof, Dust & Fog Resistant

The endoscope is waterproof to prevent failure due to dust and splashes. It is also dust and vapor resistant to prevent clogging or vibration, making it especially easy to use. It can be rinsed directly under the tap or cleaned with an alcohol-based cotton swab.

Hall Sensor Smart Switch

There’s even a high-speed Wi-Fi chip built-in so that you can connect to the app and get cleaning immediately (initial setup is required).You can also check the battery level of "Bebird P30S" through the app. When using the application on a smartphone, Android or iOS supports multiple languages.

60 Days Use On a Single Charge


And More Bebird Is Coming...

Please visit the official website for more information.

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