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The Evolution of Ear Cleaning Tool

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

In daily life, everyone uses tools to clean the earwax in the ears. Some people use paper towels, cotton swabs, or even finger.

Do you know the evolutionary history of ear picks?

Ear picks have a long history. In the 13th century BC, in the tomb of the Fu Hao of the Shang Dynasty, a jade ear pick was unearthed at that time. Ear picks were also unearthed in the archeological discoveries of Taxila culture and ancient Greece-Ancient Rome.

Ear digging spoon itself has also experienced continuous development and improvement in shape, material and function, and the price is expensive and cheap. Next, I will summarize the changes in ear picks in recent years:

1. Cotton Swabs


Very traditional tool, simple and convenient. But is it really possible to clean the ears just with a cotton swab? Using swab only push your ear wax deeper.

2.  Stainless steel Ear Cleaning Kit


Better than cotton swab, the scoop shaped earwax remover tools can effectively remove buildup earwax. But hard and cold stainless steel products will only hurt the fragile ears.

3.  Q-grips - Spiral Grips Earwax Remover



There is also a spiral ear pick tool on the market. Patented design of the Grip spiral tip makes ear wax removal easy and convenient. But you have to clean up the earwax attached to it, the bent position is not easy to handle.

4.  Ear Washer Bottle


Washer bottle is noraml tool in hospital. It directs water into the ear canal wall without damaging the eardrum. It's safe and usaful. But you should ask for others' help and the water will spill easily.

5.  Smart visual ear cleaning kit


New inventions of the 21st century - Earokay Smart ear wax removal with 1080p HD camera. You only need to connect phone to see the ear canal with a high-definition camera. The otoscope has a non-inductive temperature and soft silicone ear spoon. For people who want to clean ears themslevs, it's smart, safe and simple.


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