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Earokay bebird M9 Pro Review

by LucianoAlon on 0 Comments

A Tech Gadget Review from Customer - bebird M9 Pro Smart Ear Cleaner

Here's a review of bebird product, this is an endoscopic ear cleaning stick ! To some, this may be disgusting, but we all know how delightful it is to clear tons of hard dust and earwax from our ears without thinking. Products include:


The product comes in a classic, clean and simple packaging. The package contains English instructions and some ear cleaning accessories. The black metal unit sits right under the file bag and looks very nice.


That's why our flagship product consists of two parts: a round base with a USB charging cable and an ear cleaning stick with a metal cap.
The metallic color and texture make the body look and feel great, and it feels like an expensive pen.
The charging stand comes with a docking station and accessory storage, looks great, and only has a USB charger, so if it falls, you never know how to fix it.                                
Unscrew the top of the base and you'll see an extra 10 cleaning ear scoop in this compartment,  which can be rotated for use, and can be allocated to a household if used by multiple people. Smart design, right?
To start using the tool you have to download the bebird app and connect the bebird to it via Wi-Fi. Step by step like bebird note pro 3.
Hopefully we can finally see their ears! Of course, I pushed the M9 Pro inside. I think the camera quality of this product is good. It's not Ultra HD, but it's nice to see. This is the part to clean. It can also be used to take photos and record videos.
It has also helped my husband and I with acne. I use it as a melasma to focus on those little pimple piles.
The profesional ear cleaner tool can squeeze acne and blackhead - bebird T15I'm satisfied with how it works and it has truly made ear cleaning more enjoyable!

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